The mission starts again at the beginning after changing the battery

Pix4dcapture 4.11.0 (Android)
Drone DJ Mavic Air

I can’t do a mission that requires a battery change. I have read the page that explains how to do it. Everything goes well (the photos are stored) but when I stop a mission to change the battery, the mission starts over as soon as I press start after my battery change… as if I had not taken the first photos. However, I stay in the application without leaving it.
I tried several times but each time the drone resumes the mission at the beginning.
I should point out that I tried stopping the mission after only a few photos but it’s the same.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hello @prolibre, I would highly recommend going through the below support article step by step and make sure that you are following all the steps

If you are not able to fix the above issue, you might consider planning several missions that do not exceed one battery lifetime. We have a feature on the android version for mapping larger areas. For more information, visit the below support article,