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The kml size and time flight don't match

I am happy to be a user of pix4d since 2016, but I have a problem with last update. Yesterday I try to fly with a kml plan of about 30 hectares, imported inside pix4d capture. When the shape of the kml appeared, I have moved manually all nodes of the polygon grid 2d plan so that it matches with the kml shape.

The problem is that, pix4d capture (android) show me that the size of my area is 656 x 891 m for an altitude of 120 m and a time a flight of 19 minutes 30 seconds. When I began flying with my mavic pro knowing that its battery can support this time, i noted that even after 19 minutes 30 seconds, it was still flying to end the mission. Worse, the size of the area don’t match with all my flying plan of 30 hectares I planned before pix4d.

Also is there a way to make editable kml file I upload into pix4d to avoid reshape manually the polygon grid by playing with its nodes ?

Also in my android I don’t see where to deal with home point since yesterday pix4d warned me about this when I wanted to fly. Where can I find it ?

I never had these kind of problems since I use pix4d !