dramatic change in mission size?

I’m flying a Phantom 4 Pro and starting out on a project I was able to get a flight pattern of 429X1521’ at a 150’ AGL with Android device. Half way through the project it appears that a setting has changed to slow the drone down and limiting my mission size to 351X924’. Please help a new mapper understand what box has been checked or unchecked to slow the drone down?

My overlap is 80% for both flights.


Hi Charles,

Welcome to the mapping world.

From what you report, I guess you have changed somehow the speed setting of the drone, which made your mission longer and then the flight time estimated was too long in comparison with the battery capacity of your drone. Is that correct?
Have you updated the Pix4Dcapture version you are using in between the 2 projects you are mentioning? Which version did you use?

In order to be more familiar with Pix4Dcapture on Android, I would suggest you to read the following articles on our support website:

Note that it is possible to do multi-battery missions on Android which might be interesting in your case. All the necessary explanations on how to fly large areas are available here.

Hope it will answer your questions.