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Resuming a download with Pix4Dcapture (Android)


I have a problem with a mission.

I was flying with 2.5 miles from a US regional airport and the control tower only gave me a flight window of 5-10 minutes flying at 100 feet.

I had to make a pretty loose grid (45% overlap) to capture my area (about 3.5 ha) with a DJI phantom 4 pro.

I generated an ortho but most of the images are uncalibrated because I also was flying above water and matching points over water at low altitude is tough.

I think that my subpar mission is also linked to the fact that I could not get to download all the pictures to the tablet and thus I was missing the flight plan with the geotagged pictures. For some reasons, the download got hung up at mid point and I had to abort and thus get the pictures manually from the flash card (we had to leave the restricted area (we were on a boat). 

So, my question is: can I resume the download of a mission with the pictures to the tablet? I tried and could not. 

I have uploaded the pictures to the cloud processing (oyster_cloud) so let me know if there is some magic that could be applied to make a 2D map. 



PS. It is Ok to answer in French too. 


Bonjour Thomas,

Merci pour ces détails concernant votre project.

Il est normalement possible de reprendre le téléchargement des photos à partir du drone sur l’appareil mobile à tout moment.
Il faut cependant être sur que votre drone est allumé et que vous y êtes connecté avec Pix4Dcapture.

Il se peut que le téléchargement ne marche pas de temps en temps et ne puisse pas être repris. Dans ces cas là, les photos sont récupérables directement sur la carte SD du drone. Cet article explique comment synchroniser ses photos avec la version Android de Pix4Dcapture.

J’ai vu que votre project avait été processé correctement. Un overlap de 45% est cependant failble et peut induire des problèmes de reconstructions. Si vous avez d’autres questions concernant votre project, n’hésitez pas à contacter notre support.