T40 camera not supported

Is there a file to make the DJI T40 camera work?

If you send us a dataset of the T40, we will add it for you.

Send an email I can forward the set to please.

Hi @hulsefarms .

My colleague Mike generated the camera parameter file(.xml) for you to use. Could you please check if you had received it? Let us know if the file works for you!

Rosana (she/her)

No. Ive been watching for it. Its not in my junk folder either.
please have him resend it.

Got it. It worked. Thanks

It worked on the pics I sent but wont work on any other sets. Will I have to send the files to you each time?

It will depend if you are changing the image size or zoom. Did you change any settings?

Could you share a complete flight with us, so we calibrate it? I see that the drone is visible in the images, we would need to avoid this, is it possible?

I’ll send a full set.
The landing gear isnt removable

Hi, would it be possible for the T40 camera file be sent to me as well


We have added it to the file attached on this article; https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035481811-Your-camera-is-not-supported-at-this-time-PIX4Dfields

Please download the XML file and attach it to PIX4Dfields.

Let us know how it goes

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