Mavic 3 camera not compatible? (L2D-20c 5280x3956)

From what I’ve been told the data I collected using a different flight software should still work as a compatible camera for stitching together in Pix4Dfields. It’s just saying “we are sorry your camera is not supported at this time”
Does anyone have an XML that could help me for the camera parameters?


The “L2D-20c_12.3_5280x3956”, Mavic 3 20MP, it’s in the database. Are you running the latest PIX4fields version?


I believe so. Version 2.4.3


Please share a few images with us

Here is a drop box link with some of the images:

Hi Josh,

Did you use any zoom level? The camera name detected from your images is different. I have added your camera parameters to the XML in this article, so you can attach to PIX4Dfields:

I don’t believe I did but that XML works for me now. Thanks for your assistance!