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Surveying with Sony RX100 IV and two MAPIR cameras


I’ve a hexa with 3DR Pixhawk FCU.

I will mount 3 cameras for surveying:

  • Sony RX100 IV
  • two MAPIR cameras

The Sony can be triggered from the GCS or programmed to shoot every x metres, but the MAPIRs will only shoot every 3 seconds.

I understand that I can import in Pix4D the flight log to georeference the Sony photos, but since the photos won’t be shot in synchro with the MAPIRs, what happen to the survey generated from these different cameras?

Will they match anyway?

Please let me know, Thanks.

Dear Riccardo,

What you can do is to create one project per camera, and then merge these projects according to the instructions found here:

You might also be interested in having a look at this webpage about processing cameras with different spectral signatures


Best regards,