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DJI Mavic for Survey

I currently use a 3DR X8-M for survey.  It uses CHDK and a canon point and shoot camera.  The batteries are huge and the drone isn’t super reliable.  I do like the Mission Planner software though.

I’m thinking about switching to a DJI Mavic Pro.  I understand that Pix4DCapture will let me set waypoint missions.  I use drones 100% for stockpile measurement at several stone quarries.  Does anyone have any experience using the Mavic Pro for survey?

Any recommendations?  Does the mavic work well for survey like this?  I do sometimes encounter windy conditions.

Hi there

I use my Mavic for stockpile measurements and 3D mapping. It’s more than suitable for that kind of work and in my opinion best bang for the buck. I have 6 batteries so I can practically keep it on air all day long. Wind ain’t a problem. The drone is super stable. I’ve flown with it in 8m/s winds and in gusts wind may have been even higher 

Thanks Jaakko.  That was just the reassurance I needed.

I have just started using the Mavic Pro for survey. Does handle the wind well and the weigh point option is good for repeat flights.
At the moment cannot get capture app to save photos on SD card.
You can fly the mission ok and you see on the screen the camera shots BUT it does not record any photos
Have had 4 failed mission from this. Seems others are also experiencing this. Not Good


That’s the reason why I’m flying with GS Pro at the moment. Pix4Dcapture just doesn’t work. GS Pro just needs a little more manual intervention if you want lo fly a double grind or oblique mission. Just plan the 1st flight, copy it, rotate the second one 90 degrees and save it. Fly the 1st mission and as soon as it finishes cancel the return to home command and load the second flight plan while the Mavic is still in the air. Works like a charm every time. Not once I’ve had missing pictures with it.

Thanks for that, hope DJI / Pix4d sort it out.
GS pro is that an android app?

Jaakko sorry just downloaded gs pro yes android :+1:


GS Pro = DJI Ground Station Pro and I think it’s only available on iOS at the moment

Hi Peter and Jaako,

About images not being captured, I suggest that you check my comment that is pinned at the top (official comment tag) of this other post. Click the button Follow so you get notifications when there is an update.