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EXIF accuracy

I have 2 questions that hopefully someone can shed some light on.

  1. I am looking at drones with RTK GPS.  My thinking is that higher accuracy GPS will give better accuracy in the EXIF data but I don’t see how that could lead to any advantage when processing with Pix4D (using survey grade GCP’s).  Am I missing something?

  2. I am going to be using a MAPIR R+NIR camera attached to a frame mounted to the landing gear of one of my P4P’s.  Since the camera has no GPS connection, there is no EXIF data in the photos.  One workflow described by MAPIR uses the EXIF data from the P4P photos (taken simultaneously) to determine a ballpark GPS location for the R+NIR photos.  Another uses a small GPS Tracker (Columbus V-990) which I would attached to the same frame that the MAPIR camera uses (it records a point every 1 second). I’m thinking either of these options will provide “reasonable” EXIF locations - good enough to stitch the R+NIR photos.  I don’t think either of them will be as good as the EXIF data in the P4P photos but I’m thinking it should work.  Any comments?

Are you use GCP’s already?

  1. You are right! Using MTP, GCP and Check points yells best Geo location and helps software tie the clouds together.

  2. For what its worth…I use a gps logger sampling at 10hz.