Help choosing camera setup

Looking for Input: To make accurate maps and models. Assume I have GCP’s that are properly placed and measured. What would be better equipment to have on board the UAV. 1-something from DJI that embeds the gps coordinates in the exif data of the photo. 2-a UAV hauling a consumer camera (say 20mp) that has gps built in. 3-just a really good camera with no embedded gps locations in the images?

I’m trying to decide what would be the best set up for makeing accurate models/volumes in pix4d / agisoft etc. based on having accurate surveyed GCP’s

Thanks All.

Dear Todd,

We would recommend having image geolocation since it will simplify adding the GCPs after, and will reduce processing time for the calibration step. Options 1 and 2 can give you good results, and it will depend on many other parameters, such as the weight of the camera (since it would have an impact on the flight time) and the amount of effort needed to integrate this consumer camera on the drone.

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