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Best Camera for Creating Ground Based Models

Hi All,

I am wondering whether there is a list of Pix4D recommended ground based cameras (with GPS included) that are suitable for generating accurate Pix4D models?


Question is what fidelity you wish your models to have for you purposes!


In a nutshell my question is, is there any specific cameras that can be used to generate a Geo-Referenced model with _ “fidelity” equivalent or better than an aerial model created by a DJI Inspire _?


Note well that we have used an iPhone6, Samsung Galaxy S5, and S6, and a HTC One and they have all produced woeful models compared to simply using a DJI Inspire. I suspect that the GPS inside these phones is not accurate enough for modelling purposes.


Sure you can use any camera without GPS then use at least three GPS reference points from a decent GPS to “align” the model, but this method is very time consuming when you have a large number of models.


An automated approach such as using a DJI Inspire is desirable but prohibitive in a commercial sense considering CASA’s rules in Australia. Basically the city we live in is right next to a military airfield (which is pretty much a no-fly zone) and according to CASA you aren’t allowed to fly closer than 30m to cars, people, boats etc, and you can’t fly over populous areas. For a business if we break CASA’s rules then we are uninsured (it’s part of our terms and conditions for the insurance of our UAV’s). So as you can see, if we could build a model from the ground with the “fidelity” and ease of using a DJI Inspire then it would make our lives a lot easier.

Kinda in a tough spot!

Well as for the imager. I’m not sure if P4d has lens calibration tables for the devices you mentioned, if this is the case you may need to build your own lens calibration file for the sensor you’re using. The Inspire uses a 12m pixel sensor, so almost any compact camera will have higher pixel density.

Consider something along the lines of a Sony RX100 on a pole.