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Camera for adding to supported list

Hi guys, I note that you currently dont support the Sony UMC R10C which is a widely used and purpose built mapping camera? Is there any reason for this, is it possible to have it added to the supported list please? I have just downloaded a trial and was surprised to see that it wasn’t supported.

Hi Reece,

As you mentioned, the Sony UMC R10C camera is not supported at the moment. We started out with some of the most used cameras on the market and we plan to add more of them based on users’ requests.

We wrote down your request and will consider adding Sony UMC R10C camera in the future releases.

Please check the Which cameras are supported in Pix4Dmatic article to see the current list of supported cameras.

In case you do not have a dataset with supported cameras you can check Pix4D official example datasets (after downloading the dataset, check for the image folder):


Hi reece,

Thanks for reporting the need to have this camera supported. On which platform (drone, airplane) do you use this camera? And does it have accurate GPS and IMU data in the EXIF of the images?

The additional context will help to prioritize the request.

Hi there. Yes this is a problem for me. I have the Quantum Trinity F90+ VTOL. Its a professional mapping drone running two camera options, one is the Sony RX, the other is the Sony UMC R10C which is used in numerous UAV. I am desperate to try Matic on a large project data set, but by the looks of things will need to use Agisoft as it can process the UMC data. Is there an option to add custom camera settings?

Thanks for this additional information. Could you please confirm whether the image geotags are in a separate .csv/.txt file or if the geotags are marked directly in the EXIF of the images?

We still have to implement the import of .csv/.txt file, which is why we rely on the EXIF of images to read the geotags. If the camera has the geotags in the EXIF, it would be easier to add to the camera database right now, otherwise we would need to wait until we implemented the import of geotag files.

Custom camera settings are not available, only the most frequently used cameras are supported for the moment.

Sure. The Trinity requires the images to be post processed for geotagging which is written within the exif data yes, not a seperate .csv or .txt The trigger log is initially separate until ppk workflow post flight.

Ok, thanks! I’m going to get in touch with Quantum Systems to see what we can do. We’ll post here when we have an update.


I am interested i this also as a new user of the Trinity F90+.

I’d love a csv import to work (at the moment I’m doubling my photo data by geotagging photos).


Thanks for commenting, Mark.

Could you also click the “Vote” on the top of the page?

Hi all,

For now it seems that the geolocation and IMU data is provided only in a separate .csv file by Quantum Systems. We plan to add a .csv and .txt file import for camera metadata, which would solve the issue. If in the meantime you are able to geotag your UMC R10C data by another way, it might soon be possible to read these images in Pix4Dmatic.

We expect to make rapid iterations on the development of Pix4Dmatic, so you can expect improvements every month.

If you have the same request as in this thread, please post a message.


Hi all,

We just released a new version of Pix4Dmatic 1.2.1 that supports the Sony UMC-R10C camera. More specifically, cameras with the focal lengths 15mm and 20mm are supported:

  • UMC-R10C_E15mmF4.5_15.0_5456x3632
  • UMC-R10C_E20mmF2.8_20.0_5456x3632

More information in the Which cameras are supported in Pix4Dmatic and Pix4Dmatic technical release notes articles.

As Pierangelo mentioned in one of the replies, for processing in Pix4Dmatic both precise image geolocation and orientation are required. If this information is available in the EXIF of the images then the import and processing with the Sony UMC-R10C will already work.

For users that only have this information in a .csv and .txt file, the import in Pix4Dmatic is not yet supported.

We are working on implementing the import of .txt and .csv files in order to cover the whole workflow and make processing possible also with the text files.


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Dear all,
Thanks a lot for PIX4D Matic, however, we don’t see Dji X5 series of camera in supported list. However, it record all data, including IMU in the Exif. Please can you upgrade your list by adding it?
Thanks in advance,

Hi haitiUser, we’re looking into additional camera support. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
This is a same problem for me. I have the Drone Wingtra One with camera Sony RX1II, however, I don´t see this camera in supported list. Please can you upgrade your list by adding it?

I send the camera specification.

Hi @marlen_gtz96,

The camera Sony RX1R II is already supported in Pix4Dmatic.

I think that the confusion comes from the fact that there are several names for the same camera. Models named Sony RX1R II, Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-RX1R II, and Sony DSC-RX1RM2 all refer to the same camera.

We added the DSC-RX1RM2 name as this is how the camera model is indicated in the EXIF of images.

Let us know if you have any other question and if you were able to import the images in Pix4Dmatic.