Support and Updates

Don’t understand why I pay support and updates but the last stable release version was in 2021? Seems like I waste until a new version is released… Wish I didn’t pay today before I looked at the current “newest” version.

Do the subscriptions stack? Like if I don’t pay for say 3 years until a new stable version is released will I have to pay 3 years at once?

That’s the way it goes. You can check on your Licenses page when your subscription expires. I personally stopped paying for S&U when they dropped the cloud platform from the package. They don’t even bother to add proper geoid support to P4Dmapper.
I’m really thinking about moving to Metashape in the near future.


Hi Jaakko,
I encourage you to look at PIX4Dmatic. It has geoid support and there is a share to cloud function as well. I might suit your needs.

Hi Mike

I know that P4Dmatic has geoid support but what I’ve read from the community forums it doesn’t work quite that well:

If I buy P4Dmatic and a cloud subscription that’s a whopping 4700€/year and on the other hand I could just buy Metashape perpetual license (3900$) that has proper geoid support, free s&u package, cloud storage (100Gb/10$/month) and much more features that P4Dmatic. Well what do you think I would choose?

Before touting the virtues of Metashape, I hope you have used it. I have MS, Matic, Terra, Mapper, and Cloud. While Metashaep does have geoid support, I think it is an antiquated way of doing it. You have to swap tiffs in and out of a subdirectory. Also, if you support your clients, the Pix4D products are much easier to support. Matic is much faster than Metashape, at least in my experience.

That was an early post several releases ago. I have had no problem with geoid support in the for several of the recent releases.

Yes I have used Metashape before and have 30-day trial running at the momment and I’m getting better results than with P4Dmapper.
Having a antiquated support as you say is better than having no support at all. Where I live I just need to place one tiff-file in the correct folder and thats it. And paying for S&U for a piece of software that hasn’t been upgraded for 2 years (exluding preview versions) is just silly.

Hi @Jaakko_Laihola if you need to generate results with a local geoid, I am not surprised that you get better results with Metashape than with PIX4Dmapper, because PIX4Dmapper does not support local vertical coordinate systems.

In case you do not know, you can try PIX4Dmatic for free for 15 days. In addition to local geoid support, the “share to PIX4Dcloud” feature is currently included and allows you to upload results to share with stakeholders.

For PIX4Dmatic, we are happy to answer your technical questions here and draw our development team’s attention to your feature requests here.

In any case, we hope you find the application you need to get the job done!

Hi @Rhea_Garratt

I already own a perpetual license to P4Dmapper and the biggest rock in my shoe is the lack of updates. The software hasn’t been updated in over 2 years so no need for S&U package. It seems that you are only focusing on new products and ingnoring old users.

Why should I pay for a new piece of software that doesn’t really do much more than the one I already own?

Hi @Jaakko_Laihola

As mentioned, I hope you find the solution you need to get the job done.
If the PIX4Dmapper version you have access to works for you, you indeed may not need S&U, taking into account that S&U includes access to personal support.
If you need to generate results with a local geoid, you can look into PIX4Dmatic.

Happy mapping!