Successful flight, unusable processing output

I really don’t know what to do anymore. I have 4 projects that I flew. 1 was missing a few images which was a royal pain to try to rectify and I still could not do it… ok while frustrating I consider 54/64 images better than nothing. 2nd project was missing even more. 3rd was missing 75% and 4th project was missing 99%. Last project would not stitch at all unless I specify “custom” and check all boxes there and output is 5 or 6 differently angled aerials positioned at 45 degrees to each other. There is nothing different about that flight to any other flight I did that day. It just won’t stitch. I now spent 16 hours trying to figure out why my pictures are being weird and as much as I am frustrated about them being weird, I am more frustrated about not being able to know about it while in the field. Transfering pictures from drone to iphone takes forever and uploading to cloud is even longer and then you come home and cloud processing failed and self processing also failed. 

Do I have to make it a habit to fly same area multiple times in hopes one will work? Why is my imagery not stitching? p4d file was successful. Omega phi and kappa all have values in them. 

Every time I try and split photos into smaller projects it does not want to stitch them or only stitches a couple of photos. 

So now I have a 90% complete flight #1, 75% complete flight #2 and 25% complete flight #3 and 1% complete flight #4

I spent hours and hours hiking to remote areas to fly them in hot temperature carrying 20 kilo drone, case, batteries… I would like something to show for it but so far I have nothing to present to my boss and say “hey look at this cool thing”.

Hi Yaroslav,


As a first comment, I would like to mention that as a user of our Pix4Dmapper Pro version (trial mode), you can contact us directly at We offer personal (faster) support to all Pix4Dmapper Pro users.

In regards with your problems:

       Please give us more information about the quality of the images and their overlap.

  • Wrong settings of the camera model. Which is the camera model that you are using?

  • “Transfering pictures from drone to iphone takes forever and uploading to cloud is even longer”

Which system do you use for flying? Do you use a DJI drone with our Capture app?

In general, the time needed to upload images to the cloud depends on the number of images and internet connection.

Looking forward to receiving news from you.

Best regards,

I had flown a new project with 6 flights and had 5 failed saves of p4d file. It would do the mission and start creation of p4d and a second later tell me that it could not do it and its very sorry blah blah blah. I had 6 flights with a total of 305 images. I stitched them using trial version into a 3d thing producing ortho etc etc. I could not get p4d to create to save my life. I was reasonably frustrated. Do I email you the files or how would this work?

Hi Yaroslav,

You can indeed directly send us an email to with the information and files, namely:

  • Camera model and drone. In case of DJI drone, did you use our Capture App?
  • Quality of the images and their overlap.
  • Quality report of your projects (…\Project_name\1_initial\report\Project_name_report.pdf).

Looking forward to receiving your reply by email.

Best regards,