Othomosaic Function Failed to Stitch all Images


On trial, but we want to use the software, so I hope there is an answer.

Issue: Images are processed, but fails to stitch all project images.
Drone: Mavic 2 Enterprise (downloaded xml camera settings:\Users\354590\Pix4Dfields\CustomCameraParameterFile_21062023.xml)

The software appears to import, bundle, and stitch the images correctly. Although, final product is not seamless. Thoughts?

Attempted to upload computer screenshots, but new users are not allowed this option.

  • Chris

Hi Christopher,

do you get a specific error or is the resulting ortho distorted?

It’s important to only use nadir images, ideally from single grid flights with overlap of 75% front and side for rgb sensors.

The resulting ortho looks good, but it only contains a few of the drone images.

Before image

During process function

Can you share the logfile https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038793911-How-to-export-log-files-PIX4Dfields

applicationLog.zip (1.3 MB)

Hi Christopher,

Thanks for sharing the logs. We checked and we think it could be related to lower overlap over the hill/mountain.
As the object is closer to the drone, the side and front overlap is reduced, and may be causing some issues.

Have you tried Accurate processing?

Hey Jose,

I see. I did try accurate processing, which returned more results. I didn’t perform this flight, so I believe the overlap would be the issue. For future flights, may I ask what percent overlap provides the optimal orthomosaic results? I assume topography should be accounted for when determining overlap?

Thanks for your knowledge and assistance.


Same problem in demo mode, when overlaping photos at the end of the process.
Using data set from pix4d and mavic3M.
Could it be a problem of computer?


This is not the same problem. Could you make sure you process without GPU acceleration ?
When you import the images, in the Processing options menu, click advanced settings, there, you can turn GPU acceleration off. https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028421272-Processing-options-PIX4Dfields

Let us know.

Thanks, trying, will tell.

Perfect, thanks a lot.

Glad is working now! I see you are using our example dataset. Let me mention we have a complete new course to learn about Precision Ag and PIX4Dfields


really surprised with the program and its capabilities. i will check the video.
Gracias de nuevo por la ayuda.

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Check out our YT channel it has great ressources: https://www.youtube.com/@pix4dagriculture/videos