How long does it take to activate a subscription???

I paid for a licence, and got a response that the order is successful but I will be sent a mail by pix4d for the confirmation, I am yet to get the invoice and also the receipt of the subscription and the project is urgent as the client thinks we can’t deliver the work

It’s so frustrating, I assume once payment is made, you will get your license subscription in seconds

Hi @seidujamiu,

welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake: .

Please note that, depending on the amount, the payment processor can take up to 24h to process the payment.
I understand your frustration, as you expected to start using the product immediately.

Please open a support ticket mentioning my name here and mention the account you used to purchase the license and the product you are purchasing. I will check if everything is routed correctly on our side.

It’s a cloud license that I am trying to subscribe for

It’s order code is 222928230

Hi @seidujamiu,

Thank you for the order code. This made everything easier on our side.
It appears that the transaction was flagged as suspect by the processor (2checkout).
They are supposed to contact you directly in order to solve the issue.

In order to facilitate the procedure for you, I will put you in contact directly with our sales team. They will reach out to you in order for you to get access to our products.

Alright thank you

I haven’t got any message and am yet to get the license

Hi @seidujamiu,

My colleague Micah has contacted you directly in order to get the license faster.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

Yes I chatted with Micah but it’s not yet done

And I have find an alternatives to the image

Is there a way the licence can hold on till I need it ?