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Step by step process for connecting Phantom 3 standard to pix 4d app

Give me step by step for connecting phantom 3 standard to pix 4d app

Hi Roshan,

Connecting to the Phantom 3 Standard is pretty much the same workflow than for other drones except the fact that the connection between the Remote controller and the mobile device is done via Wi-Fi and not with a USB cable.

  1. Connect to the Phantom 3 Standard with your mobile device via the Wi-Fi connection
  2. open Ctrl+DJI plugin.
  3. From Ctrl+DJI, open Pix4Dcapture

The drone should be connected to the app and you can plan your image acquisition. Be sure that DJI GO is not opened at the same time than Pix4Dcapture. Force quit it if necessary.
If encountering any issues, I would suggest you have a look at our basic checks and troubleshooting article.