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Connecting to Phantom 3 Advanced


I’m new here and do not know about it yet. How do I connect my drone (Phantom 3 Advanced) to the PIX4DCAPTURE and CTRL + DJI app?

This is what I do:
-Tablet on

  • and with the vernier control over the USB cable
  • Activate control
  • Activate CTRL + DJI 
  • Activate the drone

Should I not then in the app CTRL + DJI the meter data of the drone see? If so, I do not see. How do I connect the drone with the CTRL + DJI app now?

Hi Rene,

Thank you for trying Pix4Dcapture.

If you have any doubts on the optimal workflow to follow with the app, you can refer to our getting started:

Let us know how it goes :).