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stable drivers

hi! I’d like “you” to post stable drivers works on each update on each platform, it’ll be easier to configure our machines. for example, I have 3 totally different GPU’s on my pc and all of them works at the same time (yes, they are). I’ve fixed the AMD GPU Pix4D Crash by using the Quadro as the default desktop (to reduce power usage I’m using Intel as default desktop) as you can see there are driver versions on the attachment which runs well and stable, I want to see that kind of section in the knowledge base at the site, if possible (I’m sure it is possible)

Hello Serhan,

We always recommend to install the latest drivers for the GPUs of your system. Very rarely, there are bugs in the GPU drivers that can cause issues in the process or even crashes.

An issue that seemed to introduce crashes related to the AMD GPU drivers is well documented and you can find it here: (search for: If using a computer with AMD Graphics card with drivers newer than 14.4)

Also, another issue that was recently discovered and is related to the processing time of step 3 when having Quadro GPU is also documented in the release note together with a valid workaround:

These issues are temporary since usually the next driver release should contain bug fixes. Apart from these issues that are very specific, we always recommend to install the latest drive. 

Best regards,