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Problem with pix4dMapper and laptop with dual GPUs

Hello sirs,

I use pix4dMapper v4.3.2.7 on a Dell Inspiron 5570 laptop with dual GPUs (integrated Intel UHD 620 and discrete Radeon 530). As reported by Windows’s Task Manager, Pix4dMapper does not use the Radeon GPU, and instead only uses the Intel GPU. All my other CAD, GIS, and similar programs, even 3D games, automatically switch to and use the Radeon 530 GPU. I’ve been using pix4dMapper for over a year on this laptop with no problems. However, after updating to Windows 10 version 2004, pix4dMapper started crashing when attempting to draw volumes. After clicking on the “+” button on the Volumes tab, the whole tab starts to flicker black and white, and after a few seconds the whole program freezes. Both GPU’s drivers are updated. I tested with pix4dMapper 4.5.6 (trial license), and it also crashes in the same way. To be clear, the 3 processing steps are sucessful, and all the requested outputs are generated properly. The only problem is when trying to create volumes. The only solution I’ve found is to downgrade the Intel GPU’s driver to the previous version, then I was able to draw and calculate volumes both on v4.3.2.7 and v4.5.6. Updating to the newest Intel GPU driver reproduces the error every time.

In short, Windows 10 v2004 introduced some incompatibility between the Intel UHD 620 GPU and pix4dMapper, and to solve this I had to install an older GPU driver. Is this a known issue?

Also, is there some way to set pix4dMapper to ignore the integrated Intel GPU and instead use the discrete Radeon GPU?

Thank you.


To my knowledge, you’re the first one who reports such an issue. Therefore, as for now, we can’t speak about it as a known issue. Could you please set your AMD card as default following this instruction and let us know how it goes?

Thank you in advance

Dear Mrs. Beata,

Thank you very much for your response. I set the AMD card as default for pix4dMapper using the instructions you linked to, and Pix4dMapper doesn’t crash anymore when drawing or calculating volumes. Tested both v4. 3.2.7 and v4.5.6, and both work fine with the AMD card.

Again, thank you for your quick and most helpful reply.

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