Speed to Mission start point

We are utilizing the Matrice 210 and Capture Pro app on ipad. Is there a way to change the speed at which the drone travels to its mission start point?

Using the corridor mission yesterday our home point was in the middle of the mission area for good visual of the drone. The drone would travel at 5mph to the start point which took about 4 mins and greatly reduced our battery time(in the air). Once the mission started it traveled at 10mph which is what the mission was set for.

It would be great if it didn’t travel so slowly to get to the start point…

Also, is there a setting somewhere to have the drone return to home after the mission is complete?

Ryan B

Hi @Ryan_Beisaw,

Unfortunately, the staging speed (the speed to go to the first point) cannot be changed, but there is a workaround possible: You can regulate the speed of the drone during staging just by pushing the throttle on the controller (the right stick). Like this, the drone can accelerate or decelerate the speed to arrive at the first point.

Regarding the mission finish setting, there is no setting available to do it automatically.
You can trigger a Return To Home (RTH) by pressing the return to home button once the mission is completed.


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That makes sense, I didn’t think to override the staging speed by throttling up. Often once I begin the mission I try to keep my hands off the controls so I don’t mess anything up haha.

Thanks for your input!

Ryan B

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