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Custom Speed mission on p4pro

Usually mission speed is about 2,5 m/s and too time to complete mission… I wish to double speed mission, because of mechanical shutter on p4pro help me avoiding blurred image…
I can’t do a test to find best speed for the quality, for a typical survey job…
It goes automatically…
What can I do?
I’m on iPad

Hi Marco,

The drone speed during the acquisition is calculated and set depending on your flight parameters (overlap, flight height).
You will not have the possibility to set a custom speed for your drone.

Note that using the iOS version, once the mission is planned, you can tap START, a fist popup will appear and display the speed the drone will fly during the mission.

Note that in a general way the acquisition plan will depend on the GSD desired and the type of terrain/objects to be reconstructed.
You can learn more in this article on our Knowledge Base.