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Need better Drone Speed Control (Android)

Dear Pix4D, 

I noticed that the speed slider (settings) is relative to the mission height.  - Is this correct?
Meaning that a mission that is set to use “slow” flown at 100’ will run at 12 MPH, where as the same mission at 200’ will run at 16 MPH. - This is what I noticed. 

In order to combat low lighting and wind and even craft stability issues, it would be very helpful to able to explicitly control the speed regardless of altitude. Meaning we can have the flexibility to fly at 5 MPH at 300’ and or at 90’. 

Overall I am please with the software and its features on the desktop application, but I think you should begin to please pay some attention to your capture app. Many of us would rather not have to resort to  using donedeploy’s app or even the DJI own.


Hi Cesar,

As you mentioned, the speed of the drone changes with the altitude. In short, the distance between the images (for the same overlap) is longer at higher altitudes and therefore the drone can fly faster. At the moment we calculate the speed of the drone automatically based on the overlap, GSD (height), camera model and the triggering interval as described in this article:

There are more users requesting the feature you mention, manually defining the speed of the drone, and I added your post as one additional vote.