Sony "super fine" jpeg

I’ve recently learned that newer Sony cameras than the two I’ve used (a5100 and a6000) have the ability to save jpegs in “super fine” compression.

I’m curious to know how much if any this benefits Pix4D in building models, orthomosaics or DSM’s.

The new cameras also have a newer processor that support an improved “color science” - that might make a difference.

I’d appreciate knowing if benefits exist that justify buying a newer camera.

Thank you!

Hi Joe,

If we are talking about the image quality and the resolution here, the Extra Fine or Super Fine could benefit the model with its higher resolution. I looked at the difference between the Standard and the Extra Fine images in the references below, Extra Fine images seem to store and record using a higher quality. This also comes with a larger image size.


What is the difference between Fine and Standard picture modes?
Sony Help Guide: Quality (still image)

However, with the Color Science feature, one thing to keep in mind is that the images in a dataset should have a similar to the same color scheme for photogrammetry software to find key points. Since the Color Science feature seems to rely on the sensor reproducing the color, I am unsure if this can cause images to show differences in the color scheme.

Nevertheless, feel free to give it a try and share the result with us!

Rosana (she/her)