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How to post process to improve image quality?

Does anyone post process images to improve quality? ie: adjust color, sharpness, etc?

If so what software do you use? Do you adjust the images or the orthomosaic?

I’ve tried a few different programs, and while the images look much better, the EXIF data gets changed.

I fly a P4Pro


Hi there


I use Lightroom. You can edit jpgs to slightly adjust exposure/color and you can also sharpen the images. If it’s partially cloudy day I almost always reduce the flight speed and shoot raw. (P4P take ~4 seconds to write image file to sc-card) RAW-files gives you better control over exposure and other settings. 

Lightroom doesn’t change exif-data. 

EDIT: Match total exposures in Lightroom is great tool

I use Lightroom as well, a great tool for working with RAW.

Don’t bother making edits to JPG.

I tried a demo of Lightroom and didn’t like the lack of mouse pan & zoom, but maybe I missed something. I’ll give it another try.

Can it batch edit all images?

Adam - why not edit jpg?


Lightroom takes a bit to learn but it will do everything you want with RAW and batch everything.

Edit of JPG just loses data and I have never seen it work better in Pix4D…only edit true RAW and be careful of some cameras not doing true RAW.

In general in most cases you shouldn’t even consider editing the images unless doing very advanced and specialized work. I did tests that showed RAW edits will help exposure and shadows but that is when I am getting down to 1 mm, not general stuff.

I like to edit the images mainly for appearance, not to increase 3d accuracy. The images from the P4pro are greyish and not sharp. Some slight edits really bring out color and definition, which greatly improve the look of the 2D ortho.

I leave the camera settings at auto. Maybe I should work with those instead?