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Image tonality and contrast

Im sure this question has been asked before, and I apologize if there is a thread regarding this. Im shooting large areas using a nikon system with fixed wing aircraft, and I was wondering if there was a setting in Pix4d that was better able to blend the tonality of the images.

Hi John. What sorts of differences are you experiencing? In general it is best to set things like white balance, and exposure settings to fixed before the flight to ensure consistent image content.

2nd image

What’s the size limit of photos that I can attach? I tried sending multiple times but I received many errors…

The size limit is likely smaller than the size of the images. Can you include a screenshot that shows the difference in visuals? both of these look similar to not produce any issues when processing in Mapper.

This one come through?

yes but im still unclear as to what you see as the problem? The contrast or tone looks the same between all the images you provided.

You don’t see the blurriness streak that runs across the runway?

Do you see now?

thanks for clarifying. In general there i nothing that can be done in mapper to fix an image artifact like this. I haven’t seen a camera produce localized artifacts like this before and it may be an indication that there is something wrong with the camera.

It works fine in agisoft. Did you see that photo?

What forward and side overlap did you use?


70/40 is fine for large frame photogrammetric cameras with calibrated lenses. With consumer cameras, even high quality systems like Nikon DSLRs, there is more distortion at the edges of the frames. Therefore it’s recommended to have at least 70/70 overlap in UAS photogrammetry.

Have you tried adding manual tie points in the 40% overlap areas? Perhaps this might help.

There’s 515 photos

We didn’t need to do anything in agisoft

I’m not happy. What’s your return policy?

Then use Agisoft.

You’ll have to ask Pix4D about their policy. I’m an end user like yourself.

Oh sorry. Thanks for trying to help

Andrew. is the image you provided an input image or the output ortho?