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Solo gimbal stops working when starting pix4d capture

Anyone have trouble with their gimbal not working in free flight mode? As soon as I hit the button to take pictures, the gimbal drops to the 0 degree position (looking straight down) and it will not respond to any input to change the angle. I like to use free flight for oblique imagery which requires different cameras angles.

I usually have to reboot Solo and the application several times to get it to work which can be very time consuming.

Hi Reuben,

the issue has been fixed in the new Pix4Dcapture 3.1.1 release (released on 11/08/2016). Now you should be able to adjust the Solo gimbal using the dedicated switch on the controller before or during a free-flight mission.

The new version is ready to be downloaded from the store, please let us know if updating is solving your problem.