Pix4DCapture In-flight Gimbal Stablization

I recently collected some data with my DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2 using Pix4dCapture. The app functioned exactly as expected from a flight planning and monitoring stand point. However, I have a question about how (and if) the gimbal is engaged by Pix4DCapture between mission waypoints.

There was a slight cross breeze the day of our flight and it appeared that the gimbal of the phantom would go ‘slack’, for lack of a better word, between mission waypoints. When the drone arrived at the next waypoint the gimbal would engage and direct itself downward (90deg nadir, as was the setting). Otherwise, the gimble, according to the live feed was slack in the wind. Typically, this is likely not a problem, but because of the cross breeze the gimbal did not always engage in-time; causing some pictures to be landscape views rather than nadir. Those cameras ended up being uncalibrated (manually or automatically) when we processed the imagery in Pix4dMatic.

I have looked at the Pix4DCapture support materials and settings and could not find anything related to gimbal controls, and the DJI interface does not have any setting that would correspond to this situation. Any insight would be appreciated, because if this is not an app-drone interface issue it is an issue with our drone that needs to be resolved.

Thank you!

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Hi, I realize this post is from 2017, but I am having the same problem. I’m trying to fly a Zenmuse XT thermal on a Matrice 600 Pro. I have tried setting the gimbal with the DJI go app, but those settings seem to be over-ridden by the Pix capture app. I have never been able to get a whole field of thermal pictures to stitch because the photo taken is no longer pointing down. I may try flying the thermal with the DJI pilot app.