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Select Input-Image's Geolocations without csv-file


I recognize Matic’s workflow like this.

  1. File → New
  2. File → Import images
  3. File → Import geolocations and orientations.
  4. Import GCPs

It is very clear process.
But If I don’t have image’s geolocation file , I cannot select geolocation information.
(Pix4Dmapper can select image geolocation information).

It is a little inconvenient like below.
[input image]
WGS84(epsg 4326) & ellipsoid height (no geoid) Zenmuse P1,
and I don’t have geolocation file (only .jpg files)

[input GCP]
JGD2011 CS09 (epsg 6677) & GSIGEO2011 (epsg 6697) ,
and I have GCP’s file

If I skip [3. File → Import geolocations and orientations.] , z error over 40m or more.
For beginner , It is very complex.

Wold you like to improve UI ?
For example: After imput images, User can select geolocation from pull-down menu.

Best Regards.
Seiichi Takayama

Hi @seiichi_takayama,

Thank you for the suggestions.

As you mention, at the moment it is only possible to change the image coordinate system when importing the image geolocation text file.
When only importing the images, the selection of the image coordinate system is not possible.

We are already considering adding the Image Coordinate System dialog that would address the request you mention. Hopefully it would be added in the second part of the year.


Dear Blaz

Thank you your reply.
I’m happy to hear you already considering my request.
I expect to improve in not far future.

Best regards.
Seiichi Takayama

Hi guys,

We support this request!

We are mapping a lot of forests, and usually don’t need GCP’s and therefore need the image coordinate system to be correct.

If we could get an option like this one from Pix4dMapper that would be great!