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Scrolling in "Image" window when marking GCP


I am missing a possibility to scroll the “Images” window, when marking the GCP using a scroll wheel on the mouse. It is necessary to use a scroll bar for scrolling. Please see attached image for an explanation.

Kind regards


Hi Martin,

It is a very excellent suggestion. I shared it with our teams. Thanks! ;-) 


Sound good.


Or another option could be, that when a cursor is anywhere in the “image” window, the window will scrolls and does not zoom on the image. However, if a user presses “CTRL” on keyboard ans scrolls then the zoom of the image where the cursor is located would change.

As CTRL+scroll is quite often used shortcut to zoom on images, pages, it would be intuitive and easy to remember.

Also there could be some combination of “scroll” and a keyboard key (e.g. SHIFT), to zoom on all images at once, instead of using the slider on the top of the “image window”. That would be very useful feature, and would improve the speed for marking the GCPs.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,

Noted! It is a very nice follow-up. This information will be beneficial for our teams.

Thank you very much