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Desktop - Show Photo or GCP name on hover

After initial processing I often find myself going back through any photos that were not calibrated and looking for additional locations where my GCP’s might show up, or to set some MTP’s in the hope of getting those photos to calibrate in a subsequent run.  It would be super helpful to have some way of seeing both the Photo and GCP number/name in the ray cloud.  Optimally it would be best to have the info pop up when one hovers the cursor over it without having to click on it and lose the focus on the GCP you are working on in the properties window.  It seems like this functionality is almost there already because the photo or GCP already highlights when you hover the cursor over it, so it appears that the software is already recognizing it.



Hi Tim, 

Thank you for the suggestion, I forwarded it to the team in charge in order to consider implementing it in the future

At the moment you need to click on the object (image, GCP, …) and the corresponding item will be selected in the Layers view.