Matching up GCPs from Autel

Using Pix4D mapper for years, no problems. Bought an Autel EVO II, flew a mission using Autel Exployer. Inserted images into project. Ran step 1, Then inserted GCPs into project & it wont give me an option to “match up” the GCPs with the images. What is the trick? Is there a different image setting or? Ran it without GCPs and it made a great ortho, but I want to be able to calibrate it to GCPs for ground control to get a true real point cloud & contours.

Hi dkuehl,
Are the GCPs hovering above your cameras when you look at the rayCloud? Can you attach a screenshot of this?

I did get it to work a different way.

I had to go to: PROJECT – GCP/MTP MANAGER – then I could select BASIC EDITOR at the bottom right – then I could select a few images that had a ‘target’ in them.

After I selected 2 or 3 images, then I could go back & do the ‘matching’ like I always had before by selecting a GCP & have the images in the lower right and select “auto” to find all of them & then fine tune it. Before the images would not appear in the lower right when I selected a GCP.

Just had to add a step, I am sure there must be a way around it.


@dkuehl there are instances when PIX4Dmapper cannot calculate in which images the ground control points (GCPs) appear, which is why my colleague asked you if your GCPs hover above your cameras in the rayCloud.
There are several reasons why PIX4Dmapper cannot make this calculation, and they are often linked with GPS issues. As a consequence, you cannot use the rayCloud to mark your GCPs.

This is the reason why the basic editor was developed: it allows you to go through your dataset to mark GCPs in your images. We typically recommend marking 3 GCPs in two images (the bare minimum for step 1), process step 1, then continue marking all GCPs in more images with the rayCloud.

You can find more information about the different cases in How to include GCPs in the project.

I hope this helps!