Scale orthomosaics


How to adjust the output scale of the orthomosaics to be able to measure?

At what default scale does the orthomosaic come out?

thank you

Hi @joandelsol ,

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If by scale you mean the resolution of the orthomosaic, then you can select this prom the Processing options tab. On 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and Index you can select the resolution in an automatic way by multiplying the GSD value or in a customized way by selecting the actual resolution you are looking for i.e. 5cm.

I hope you find this helpful.


Thanks Nikoleta, but this wasn’t the question. By scale I mean the actul size of the orthomosaic. We are overlaying it to a bim model but we need to change the scale (size ) in every case. When we overlay the pointcloud we do not need to do any sizing. The question connercing the 2d images is shoulf we kkep doing this size change every time?

Hi joandelsol,
The orthomosaic is a GeoTIFF so it is geographically referenced. It has spatial bounds that are determined by your GCPs or the image geotags. If your orthomosaic does not line up spatially then you have a problem with your GCPs or your image geotags.