Scaling Ortho Mosaic

What setting has to be made to assure my ortho mosaic TIFF exports out to scale with the point cloud. When I import the point cloud and the ortho into the different work environments, I inevitably have to scale the ortho to the cloud manually with the scaling feature in the program. Thank you

@timothy_brown, sorry to ask a dumb question, but have you made sure that the coordinate systems are in the same unit of measurement between the two programs. If the error in projection has a relative error of 3 or 1/3, chances are that it is a unit of measurement issue. (p.s. I have been guilty of this before I’ve had my coffee.)

Not a stupid question at all Chris. As a matter of fact I think you’re right. Thank you for your response.

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Of course. Happy to help. If it solved your issue, feel free to hit the button.