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Model measurements incorrect

See this project:

Measurements in the orthomosaic are fairly accurate but the same measurement in the 3d view is way wrong. What are we doing wrong?

We don’t need clients being put off by this…



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Hi Joseph,

It looks like the model’s coordinate system is using feet for units. At the moment, the online viewer assumes models’ coordinates are in meters which means that if a model that is uploaded has coordinates in feet, you end up with wrong values because the system converts them from meters (which it assumes) to feet. If a model is processed directly in the cloud this is not a problem because we already force the processing to happen in meters.

The reason why the values in the 2D Map are correct, is because the orthomosaic is usually properly geo-referenced and we are able to reproject it into a coordinate system which uses meters as units.

This is very bad indeed, and in the Cloud Team we are now working on a new system to make sure that measurements are accurate and that you can easily specify which coordinate system you want to use to process your project and/or to view measurements and coordinates.

Let me know if you have any suggestions regarding this or if you use any tools in your workflow which you think do a great job at providing accurate measurements and specifying the correct coordinate system.


Can you place a secondary column that would divide the meters by 3.28083… and have the quotient in a second spot, or replace the meter all together.



Hi Joseph and Ryan. We just released support for point clouds and geo-referenced 3D measurements so this project should be fixed for all newly-processed projects. If you are experiencing this problem with an older project, please get in touch with us so we can patch it up for you.

Try giving this one a fix

We will take a look. In the meantime, you can check out the release notes: