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Save multiscale processed clouds separately

There are many cases when I would like to have multiscale enabled… such as to provide denser cloud data for tree canopies, but processing in multiscale creates low resolution noise in places that I don not want it … such as road surfaces, reflective surfaces etc.

Would it be possible to save each individual pass is classify it separately for later selection. ?

Hi @AP_Procurement,

Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment, you need to process the project several times if you want to use different settings for the point cloud generation. If you do that, make sure to save the generated results in a separate folder, else they will get deleted when reprocessing.

Let’s see if other users up vote the request as well.


Good idea @AP_Procurement, because most often the pointlcouds are a bit too noisy at multiscale and have too little points in homogenous or vegetational areas when multiscale is deactivated.
I think some kind of situation awareness would be nice, too. Like if the densecloud algorithm could be aware of when and where multiscale processing is needed. Maybe a selective multiscale approach.

if (denscloud in part of area is dense enough){
} else {
start processing at multiscale for limited area

But if i understand correctly, however AP_Procurements idea adresses that already after the 2nd processing step has finished.