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control of the multiscale check box please

I appreciate that the multiscale checkbox allows the point cloud to fill in data where there are larger areas of low-contrast, but this is at the expense of generating more noise / points that are not close to true levels / positions.

this is especially noisy on tarmac, or low contrast features.

I would LOVE the ability to select, JUST 1, and 1/2 image scale for the opint cloud densification


Thank you for your feedback! Really appreciated.

Can you just explain us in more words what do you meant by " ability to select, JUST 1"?

Thank you in advance!

Presently we have a pull-down selector for the maximum image scale.

it would be good to have a way of selecting both the maximum image scale, and the minimum image scale.

maybe a checkbox for each of the scales you would like to process at.

Noted. Thanks for the explanation!