rotation and transformMatrix

When I was using pix4d, I wanted to export its scanning results for subsequent processing, but after exporting, I found that the transformMatrix recorded during the processing was inconsistent with the results I calculated by the recorded rotation angle.
I hope this question can be answered and let me know what the transformMatrix contains.
Any help is greatly welcome! Thank you!!!


Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake:.

Can you please provide additional information? Can you confirm you are using the PIX4Dcatch app? Which version and operating system?


Thanks for your reply!!!
Yes, I’m using Pix4Dcatch. My phone is iPhone 14 Pro. In the exported log file ‘catchLog.ndjson,’ I noticed the presence of rotation angles and transformMatrix. However, I couldn’t establish a correspondence between the two by calculation. Could you please provide specific details for each component of the transformMatrix?

Hi @371064786,

Please note that the catchLog.ndjson file is for internal use and we can’t ensure that the content is accurate.
Thank you for understanding.