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Pix4Dcatch: step by step instructions on iPhone 12 Pro

Where can I find useful “step by step” instructions for Pix4dcatch on my new iPhone 12 Pro with LIDAR (settings, recommendations, covered areas and so on)? Are there any examples, and if yes, where? P.S.: are there any user of it in Italy? Thanks

Hi Antonio,

You can check the Getting started section of the product documentation: Getting started with Pix4Dcatch.

An example dataset is available under the Demo section of Pix4Dcloud. Let us know if it is not what you were looking for.

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Thanks a lot, for your kind answer. I’ve just developed two little projects using my iPhone 12 Pro (128 Gb), but it would be very interesting socialize my ideas and experiences with others in Italy, possibly, or other owners of a Pix4Dmapper license all around the world (I own a “double seats” license of Pix4Dmapper bought in 2016).

P.S.: can you speak Italian language, due to your “last name”? If yes, can I write my questions in Italian language for an easy description of questions themselves, hoping you will be able to translate them in english language? Kind regards

Hi Antonio,

Given that Alice is not specialized in Pix4Dcatch and is not always available (holidays, absence days, etc) and the fact that this Community section is used by other customers, our developers, and our product managers, it is better if you share your ideas in English.

Our response time will also be better if we can communicate in English.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please create a new community post if your ideas/questions are not related to this one.

Have a great day,