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Didnt know where to post this so if it needs to be moved please do so.

With the April 9th cloud usage policy going into affect I would like to submit a feature request that I think is going to be needed for us users that usually render 30,000 photos a month. Is there any talks about any type of render farming or pooling systems in the future? I know with the CLI license we can batch render jobs easily one after the other but even with the 32 core 2990WX systems we are using this is going to take forever since it is only processing one at a time.

Just would like to know where this is going since a big part of our workflow was processing in the cloud.

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Hi Jason,

Thank you for sharing your ideas. As this is a new plan we just released, I recommend you get in contact with our Sales team to share feedback and get more information. 

We will post more information in this post in the upcoming weeks :slight_smile:

Once again, thanks for sharing your ideas with us!


Hello Christina,

I ask you:

  • Pix4D has Render Farm feature yet?
  • If yes, how to set up?
    Thank you
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Hi Cuong. This is not a feature yet but we are working on a big announcement related to large project processing in the future. stay tuned.