Remote logout for Pix4D Fields

It would be great to be able to log out of Pix4D Fields remotely (via the web account interface), as can be done with Mapper. We often use it on field laptops and then do the final processing in the office on higher-spec machines etc. Currently if Pix4D Fields was not logged off from the field then we have to find the laptop and open the software to log out. Sometimes the laptop is out of the office, which is an efficiency issue.

Better yet, logging into Pix4D Fields from another machine should have the option of “unseating” any other currently logged in machines. Laptops often go dead, (drained battery, or worse) effectively taking the only license seat with it. This happened to me yesterday, so it does really happen.

Hi phil & david,

thank you for your valuable feedback! That’s something we are currently working on, and will be solved with a new user management system, where you will be able to unseat blocked seats yourself. Unfortunately I cant give you an ETA yet, but it will be this year.

For the time being please reach out to our support team with a ticket to solve the issue with blocked seats.



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I was sure that this feature had been added via the browser login but now I cant see the option to deactivate a device against the Pix4D subscription. Can we do this yet?