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Pix4d wants to me to sign in when I'm offline -- need to fix this before doing remote work.

I’m hoping to use Pix4d for some remote work in Greenland, where I won’t have internet or cell reception for 4-5 days. I’ve given up on taking offline maps with me… all I need Pix4d for is to fly a grid relative to my location, when I tell it to. 

However, the problem I keep running into is that I get out into the field and Pix4D asks me to log in, which you can’t do without a connection. Sometimes it lets me in for a little bit, and then it goes back to the log in screen, and I don’t seem to have a ‘skip’ option that others have referenced. Is there a work around? I’ve seen several other posts, but they seem to get off track quickly into discussions of offline maps, and I really just need to figure out how to be confident that the app will actually open without needing me to log in at an unpredictable moment. 

I’m using a Mavic Pro, Ctrl + DJI, on Android/Samsung 8. 


Hi Mattew,


I am sorry to learn that you have met such difficulties using our product.

However, I am not sure I correctly understand the query. Are you referring to Pix4DCapture or Pix4D Desktop?

So far it seems that you have not used your Pix4D Desktop trial license on a device (laptop/PC).

Additionally, could you attached here a screenshot with the log screen that you receive? 






Hi Ina,

Thanks for your quick reply - I’m talking about Pix4dCapture, which I’m using with CTR + DJI on a Samsung 8. The issue has been that when I’m trying to use it in the field, if I exit Pix4dCapture, it sometimes logs me out. If for example, I have to flip between the app and go through my settings to force stop DJI Pro, when I then go back to Pix4d, I sometimes find I am then logged out. And because I don’t have a connection where I’m working, I can’t get back into the app - it doesn’t take my password unless I’ve got a connection.

I’m in the trial version now, trying to assess if this will actually be useful for an upcoming project where I will absolutely not have connection for days at a time. So I’m worried that I will encounter this problem where I just can’t get intot he app. 





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Hi Matthews,

Is it regular that you are logged out from Pix4Dcapture? Have you identified a pattern that can log you out each time that you do it?

I would recommend you to read what has been written to the thread about offline missions, all the information you need are described there.

A good thing would be to have more than one mobile device on the field in case of the issue occurs unexpectedly.