Remote deactivation of Device not possible

Dear Pix4D support team:

Currently, I have a problem when trying to deactivate remotely a device. The attached image shows the problem.
I also realized that there is a new message that says “Never” on the “Device Deactivation” field (please, see the image).

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Hi Krystal,
I deactivated both devices that were logged into your license. You should now be able to login into two more computers now. Hope this helps.

Hi Mike,

Now it shows two license are available but I cant log in to it.
It shows the following screenshot. I cant open .
Can you please help.

Thank You

The reason you are seeing this is that you most likely have the most recent version of Mapper installed. Unfortunately your upgrade is expired and you are limited to a lower version. What you need to do is to uninstall Mapper. Then, go to our download page and be sure to log into our website with your PIX4D credentials.

Once you login our system will recognize you and will limit you your authorized version.

Thank You very much, Mike.
Now I was able to run the earlier vesion.

Hi Support team,

i am facing similar issue. Can not deactivate the remotely device.

Please help to logout all the device.

Thanks you

Hi ebee3303,
The easiest way for us to deactivate is if you can open a support ticket asking for deactivation. Please go to

Hi Mike,

I have neu Device and i cant open the old one to Log out from Pix4Dmapper , can you please deactivate my old Device with name : DE-657-7481-394

Hi 05.pix4d,
I just deactivated your device. You should be able to log into a new computer now.