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Reinstall Pix4D on laptop

I had to completely reinstall to windows operating system on the laptop because of a system crash, and now when I try to reinstall Pix4D it says that I have 0 of 2 installs left. Anyone know how to resolve this issue.


Thanks in advance


Hi John, 

As we have already solved the problem by email. I’d like to post an answer, so that other users know how to proceed in that case. If your computer crashed or breaks, it will typically freeze a seat on your Pix4D desktop software license. In this case, please inform Technical Support directly through this contact form, so that we can unlock the situation:

The above applies only if there was an issue with the computer hardware or operating system. For other cases, where Pix4D desktop software is still accessible and you would like to change the device on which the license is active: please open Pix4D desktop software, then logout (make sure you are connected to Internet, so that our servers register the change). This will deactivate a seat on your license. More in this article: