Region OF Interest

How can you define the region of interest after adding GCPs and calibrating prior to processing point cloud, DSM etc? At this stage there only appears to be the camera positions in the 2D screen to set the region of interest from. Seems pointless to run all processing options to get the DSM available in the 2D screen so you can then add the region of interest then have to re-run processing options again??

Hi @PPGroup ,

It is possible to draw a Region of interest at any stage of the processing. In fact, it is recommended to add it before the Calibrate or the Densify step in order to have an immediate effect like you said. Adding a Region of interest after the Densify step requires reprocessing to have an impact on the results.

For more information: How to use the Region of Interest in PIX4Dmatic

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Rosana (she/her)

@PPGroup for now the usual workflow I use is to look at the area defined by my initial camera positions, combined with the Map or Satellite background map view. This usually gives me a good idea of where to limit the region of the project. That said, I agree that we need to extend the capabilities, for example we need to make the region of interest visible in the 3D view, so that it’s easier to create and adjust right after the calibration was done (and before the dense, dsm,…). We have this on our roadmap.