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Pix4Dmatic: refine the area of interest and DSM in 3D

Thanks Yuka.
A Matic question, because I’ve last run this project on Matic, why, in 3D, when I turn all view levels off apart from DSM do I not see anything? i.e. the DSM doesn’t appear to be a layer at all. I can see it on 2D so I presume it’s not an available view in 3D.
Also, how do I refine the area of interest? Particularly with regards to the 2D DSM so I can refine the topographic scale.

Correct, the DSM can only be visualized in the 2D view.

At the moment it is not possible to add a processing area in Pix4Dmatic or only process a part of the project. However, I find your idea interesting and will forward it to the team.