Mark/Highlight Coordinates or Objects in Orthomosaic or crop part of orthodoxy

I have recently done a gig and after generating orthodontist, client wants me to identify and highlight the survey stones. He gave me 2 coordinates. How do i feed those coordinates in the software so i can see them highlighted in the ortho image.

Also, Region of interest is not able to crop Geotiff. Can someone help me with this?


Hi Nani,
I believe you will want to pull the orthomosaic into a GIS software such as QGIS or ArcGIS. This will allow you to select the coordinates.

Have you visited our page on region of interest?


Have you imported those points as GCPs? I just confirmed that those do show up on the orthomosaic. I am reprocessing something right now to see if I can get the region of interest to constrain the ortho by reprocessing the entire process. I confirmed that it did not work when I just added the ROI and tried to re-export the orthomosaic.

I use Global Mapper to crop imagery, point clouds, etc. Let me know if you need any help to get you through this project. We’ve all been there. :slight_smile:

I just confirmed that if you create your region of interest then reprocess the densification, DSM & orthomosaic, the ortho is constrained to the ROI. Hope that helps.

Hi @Chris_Putnam . Thanks for being kind enough to reach out and offer help. I appreciate it. Client says he wants to see the points highlighted on the ortho as an X mark or other way to identify when map is printed. Even when we import them as GCP’s, It’s not gonna be there on the final ortho sticking out. I am not sure if Matic has this feature. Sorry for the late response.

No worries. Do you use Global Mapper? It has the ability to do what you are talking about.