Image metadata required for orthomosaic generation in pix4dmapper

Best regard.
I am currently working on a research project related to precision agriculture where I need to generate an orthomosaic of the cultivation area and I have some questions:

  1. Can I generate the orthomosaic with images without metadata (latitude and longitude)?
  2. If metadata is required, what is the minimum information required by pix4Dmapper to generate the orthomosaic?
  3. Can I generate the orthomosaic through a video?

Thank you very much for your attention.
I appreciate if you could help me.

Hello @jvegas,

  1. You can generate the orthomosaic without the metadata about the latitude and longitude. The only thing that you need to clear is to have proper image overlap during the image acquisition. The recommended overlap would be 75% front and 75% side overlap for RGB images.
  2. You can generate the orthomosaic through a video. For more information visit the below support article. How to use Videos for Processing

Thanks you @Kapil_Khanal