Reduce number of Points


I just created a 3D model with my drone. It is awsome how easy it is!

Now unfortunately, the output is too big for the Software in which I want to use the model.
I would like to

  1. crop the model
  2. if possible reduce the resolution

Is that possible in Pix4DCloud?
In Pix4Ddiscovery, I was able to crop, but I cannot create an *.obj file as output.
Also I did not find an option to reduce the resolution.

Best regards,

Hi @hendrik,

Can you try with your PIX4Dmapper trial license?
In order to use it log out from the Discovery mode and log in again using the trial license this time.



thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, with this setting, the export to obj is not available:

Did I do something wrong?


Here you can see the licence


do you have any further hint for me?

Best regards,

Hi Hendrick,

From what I can see it appears that you are still logged into PIX4Ddiscovery. Further indication would be the inability to export. You need to log out of PIX4Ddiscovery, log back in and select: Available licenses > PIX4Dmapper.

How to log out of Pix4Dmapper