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Raycloud snapping idea

Hi there,

Just an idea as I’m working on a project. Anyway to add a keyboard shortcut to temporarily hide snapping informations in images when you are making some manual tie points ? Sometimes, even if you zoom in, the green/yellow cross hides the image behind. Could be nice if for example by hitting and holding shift key, they would be hidden just to make the click.


Thanks and have a nice day

Dear Sébastien,

Thank you for your suggestion: we will add it to our possible feature list. In the meantime, we can suggest to click somewhere else (even though it is wrong!). This should move the marks (both yellow and green a little) to clear up the area and make clicking easier. Make sure to click at the right spot afterwards though: otherwise you will have fed wrong information to the software which might lead to errors later. 

Bets regards,